Saturday, September 6, 2014

Review: Mu-fish Taobao Shop

So a couple of months ago my friend and I made a Taobao order together, and we both ordered a ton of socks and tights from the shop Mu-fish. I found out about the shop when searching for a pair of chocolate printed legwear that was more affordable than brand tights new or socks on the secondhand market. Unfortunately, they've since stopped selling the chocolate tights that brought me to their shop, but I thought it would still be worth it to review their shop since their stuff is so nice.

So when I finally made an order from them, I ordered 2 pairs of their original print tights, the chocolate printed tights and their strawberry print tights in red (they also have them in pink).  I hadn't read any reviews, but I figured at around $10 a pair, it was worth the risk. I was pleasantly surprised!

Strawberry and Chocolate printed tights!
The tights are printed very clearly, and match the stock photos exactly. When I received them I hadn't had any experience with brand tights, but they seemed much nicer than any tights I had purchased so far in mainstream stores. That, on top of the fact that they came in such cute prints sealed my love for this shop.

The strawberry print tights are without a doubt my favorite, the print is so crisp and the colors are beautiful. The chocolate print tights, while lovely, are very simplistic in design and the colors are not quite the brown that I needed. They are much more pink/red in hue than what's needed to match brand releases. I'm sure this is not Mu-fish's fault, more like the printers, but it is disappointing to say the least.

Length comparison between Mu-fish and Angelic Pretty

Eventually I picked up a pair of Angelic Pretty's tights when they went on sale. Comparing the Mu-fish tights to Angelic Pretty, I have to say I prefer the Mu-fish tights. They are longer, seem stretchier, and are a better value for the money. True, the AP tights match their releases perfectly, but for the price I paid for them I'd rather search out more budget friendly options - especially when tights are such a delicate piece of clothing.

Overall, I highly recommend the Taobao shop Mu-fish. Their original prints are beautiful and well worth the money and effort spent to acquire them. In addition to releasing a number of original prints that coord well with many popular themes in brand releases, they also have a lot of lovely basics. They stock basic lace ankle socks for 8 yuan a pair - which works out to roughly $1.30 a pair!

What are some of your favorite places to shop for socks on Taobao? Let me know in the comments!


  1. I just ordered something from Mu Fish and it's good to know that their products seem very quality!

  2. Do you by chance have the link for those chocolate mufish tights? I'm struggling to navigate their website as it doesn't appear to have an option for translation into English.


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