Saturday, October 25, 2014

Lolita 52 - 5 pieces that every lolita wardrobe should have, regardless of style

Well now I'm more than a little behind! Travels, then I fell sick, and then work got to me! I'll be attempting to make 2 lolita 52 posts per week now until I'm caught up! Today we'll be discussing the 5 things every lolita wardrobe should have. The topic is technically pieces, but I feel that having a successful wardrobe contains more than just articles of clothing. We all hopefully know about the basic pieces such as petticoats, blouses, and legwear, but there are several other things that can really make your wardrobe shine.

A Color Palette

A cohesive wardrobe starts with a color palette. Maybe you choose one color that you know looks best on you, or you pick a particular dress with a definite color theme. Either way, building a wardrobe around a few select colors means you'll always have ways to coordinate a dress that fits this theme. Adding new pieces to your wardrobe will be painless because you'll be able to wear it as soon as it arrives because you already have things that will coord well with it.

A Plan

What do you want your wardrobe to end up like? Related to the color palette, a plan will help you keep your buying focused. You may or may not have an ultimate dream dress, but having an idea in mind of some pieces you'd like to track down will help keep you from snapping up things simply because they might be a good deal. A wardrobe full of things that you bought only because they were cheap isn't going to be as satisfying as one with a few pieces that you absolutely adore. Trust me, I speak from experience.

A Budget

Lolita fashion can be a dangerous slope if you have access to line of credit. Particularly online, buying a lot of pieces and having a large wardrobe can earn you status and followers. It may even be the same in your local community depending on where you live. All of this can be particularly alluring what with our love of social media, and seeing as most girls seriously entering the world of lolita for the first time tend to be anywhere between 18-24 it all can add up to a messy situation. A budget will not only save you from possible financial regret and/or ruin, but it can also keep you focused. Whether or not you have limited funds, a budget will help streamline your buying. Working with a set amount each month, as well as having a plan, will help you reach your goals instead of bandwagoning on the latest Angelic Pretty release.

A Versatile Bag

Stepping down from my soapbox about planning, I think a great bag is an important wardrobe staple. This bag should match many items in your wardrobe and fit seamlessly with your style - so it'll likely be best for it to be simple in design. Stars, moons, and strawberries are all cute but unless your wardrobe is heavily themed around them they may not be the best choice. And whether or not you think brand bags are overpriced, even adding just one to your wardrobe can make your outfits look that much more polished. 

A Bolero or Cardigan

Boleros and cardigans can completely change your look. They look great over short sleeved blouses, and can be worn in the summer instead of a blouse. I personally find them my go to during warmer months, because many lolita blouses have higher necklines that can be stifling in the humid climate where I live. In addition, as a lolita whose cups runneth over, I find their sizing is usually much more flexible than blouses and they can hide the dreaded boob loaf that is common in this fashion where dresses are cut for girls with a B cup or smaller.

Now that you've seen my list, what are the things you and your wardrobe cannot live without?

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