Friday, August 26, 2016

Lolita Blog Carnival: What Has Lolita Fashion Inspired You to Do?

Lolita fashion has absolutely inspired me to actively picking up a number of crafty hobbies - primarily sewing and jewelry making - but I'd have to say the largest impact it has had on me has been in regards to my overall lifestyle and frame of mind.

Become More Organized

The act of coordinating a decent outfit is a very methodical process. Lolita fashion with all it's variants, colorways, and individual pieces "required" to put together an outfit can quickly become overwhelming if you don't have a plan. The cohesiveness of my wardrobe has been something I've been really proud of since I finally collected enough lolita to consider myself as having one, and the closet where I keep my lolita is very neatly organized with storage options nicer than cardboard boxes (haha). This also extends into the rest of my life, as my lolita closet is so neat and uncluttered I have taken up recently to clearing out the rest of my apartment and steam lining my personal belongings only to those things I absolutely adore. It's a complete mindset change.

Become More Socially Active

I generally always considered myself a pretty outgoing person, but prior to lolita I didn't put a whole lot of effort into my social life. I just kind of went to school or work, and then came home to waste away in front of my computer or some kind of video game. That has all changed now. Currently, at least 2 weekends out of every month are taken up by meet ups, one with my most local lolita comm that I moderate, and another visiting one of my best friends in a comm about 2 1/2 hours away. In fact, it's really engaged my weekends in such a way that a few weeks ago I had a really difficult time "penciling in" a day that I could get together with another friend to make aprons for our upcoming craft meet. 


As you might know if you've been reading my blog, I went to Japan last year! My love of travel is certainly not directly a result of lolita fashion, but since meeting two of my best friends through the fashion, I have done a significant bit more of traveling that I used to. Even before our journey to Japan, my friends and I went on a number of trips together, one of them was an extended weekend to Orlando and Walt Disney World together! Before this, I had never traveled with anyone outside of my husband and immediate family, and any trips I did make were not quite as frequent. Lolita fashion has certainly inspired me to travel, and thanks to the wonderful people I've met through it, I've had many awesome adventures!

Become More Self Confident

Prior to lolita I was not all that confident in my interests and who I was as a person to some degree. I kept many hobbies hidden, so much so that I feel that the friends I've made through the fashion know me much better than the friends I've had for over ten years. Lolita fashion has drawn me out of my shell so to speak, and I no longer give a damn if others think I am strange, I'm proud to share my interests with anyone who is willing to listen. I can tell you I've been having much more fun because of it!

So what has lolita fashion inspired you to do?

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