Monday, August 29, 2016

Angelic Pretty USA Summer 2016 Lucky Pack!

What's inside?!?
So, I finally bought my first lucky pack! A friend of mine informed me of them the night before they went up as the email from AP USA had made it to my spam box. Unfortunately, as I was at work the time of release, so I had to rely on the services and judgement of my wonderful husband who works in front of a computer. And he came through! He ordered me the "Special Cute" set which included 2 jsks, a hair bow, a top, and a surprise pair of socks (I did not know about the socks when I ordered)! This was a blind pack so I was completely at the mercy of fate...

Lovely Tuxedo Cutsew and Crown Logo OTKs

To be honest, I was super worried about the top, because as a busty lolita, I was sure this would not work out well in my favor. I was really hoping for a cutsew, because I recently ordered a few, and since they are stretchy jersey knit and I am otherwise a somewhat petite person they fit and look nice under JSKs. The Lovely Tuxedo Cutsew is a perfect fit for my wardrobe, it's ivory in color and I've been looking for a more offical/classic top or cutsew, as the other ones I own are very sweet. I have a dress already in mind for this, so I'm really thrilled.

As for the Crown Logo OTKs... they are definitely my taste, and I have both wine and navy in my wardrobe. At the moment I don't have a dress that would look nice with them, but as I was not expecting any socks it definitely doesn't hurt to keep them in my wardrobe for the time being.

Dolly Marine JSK

The Dolly Marine JSK is unfortunately a little on the small side for me at the moment with a 97 cm bust max and 79 cm waist max! However, as I signed up for the Disney Princess Half Marathon next February, I will be losing weight pretty soon and should be able to fit it by the time this dress is in season again. I went ahead and coorded it simply with things already in my wardrobe and I love the retro feel of it. I really hope I can lose the weight I need in order for this to be a wearable piece! 

Bag: Metamorphose
Shoes: Bodyline
Blouse, Socks, bow: Offbrand

Jewel Marine Tiered JSK and Headbow

While I would definitely never buy the Jewel Marine Tiered JSK on my own (and for sure not in sax!), it's not a bad piece to receive in a lucky pack! With the jewels and ribbons it can be styled in a pretty hime like look, which I am rather fond of. This is definitely a summer dress though, I can't see myself wearing this until next year. Surprisingly enough this actually is not my first sax piece! Within the past several months I've added Meta's Bubble Bath Cat miniskirt in sax as well as AP's Sherbet Marine JSK, so it's kind of interesting that I've acquired another sax piece for my wardrobe.

Necklace: Angelic Pretty
Bag: Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Shoes, Blouse: Bodyline
Wrist cuffs, socks: Taobao

Overall I am incredibly happy with my first lucky pack and it was a great exercise in flexing my wardrobe versatility, as I was able to coord pieces I never would have otherwise purchased. I was undoubtedly very lucky today.

A word of caution: while I was lucky, these packs really are blind and there's really no telling what you might get in them. A friend of mine ordered the tops set hoping for at least one decent piece and received some older releases, none of which really suit her or her wardrobe. 

A Not So Lucky Pack
Because of this risk, I still kind of hold to the opinion I had originally that lucky packs such as this are not a super great deal for someone starting out their wardrobe. The money and trouble that would be spent on a bad lucky pack in my opinion really is not worth it if you are just getting into the fashion, color palettes and themes are always your friend! I know I for sure would much rather have something I know I will absolutely love and use many times than something that was just cheap!

Have any of you ever bought a lucky pack? What was your experience?


  1. You really did get lucky with your pack, that cutsew in particular is gorgeous. I swing between loving and not loving lucky packs, the gamble is so exciting but can be so disappointing.

    Also, best of luck training for the half marathon, sounds gruelling but epic.

    1. Yeah! I absolutely love the cutsew, and this was a fun gamble to take at least once. The half marathon training isn't that bad, I've done it before, so I know what to expect at least.

  2. OMG! The Polka dots JSK and the socks are simply adorable!!! Bad luck for your friend, problem goes bigger when you try to sell those pieces and they don't go away :(


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