Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Lolita 52 - How I get out of a wardrobe slump

No matter how large your closet is, or whether you are referring to your regular or your lolita wardrobe, everyone is bound to eventually at one point or another find themselves in a wardrobe slump. As for me, these are the ways I deal with having "nothing to wear".

Make a Sales Post

Unfortunately we're not all able to run out to the pachinko parlor and make thousands of yen at the drop of a hat, so chances are you're going to need to make a bit of money some way. I don't think that throwing more money from you wallet at your wardrobe is the best way to go about it - I know if I'm feeling like there's nothing to wear it means I'm dissatisfied with what I already have and it's time to sell. As for me, I've sold items because they were no longer a good fit for me or my wardrobe, they were an impulse buy, or I've moved on from that style. It's difficult sometimes to say goodbye to certain pieces (especially brand!) but it's always great to get new things with the money you've earned from sales - it's almost feels like getting something for free!

Back to Basics

pretty brand pieces I'd love to own...
Once I've sold off the stuff from my wardrobe that no longer works, instead of taking that money and buying a new wish list dress, or the latest brand release (if you were so lucky as to make that much), I find the best investment is in basic pieces that can be worn with a lot of things that you already have in your wardrobe. A new print dress will probably quickly get you into the same predicament in short order, because a new print is only so fresh for a few times. Blouses, underskirts (if you're into that), or solid colored dresses that can be coordinated with your favorite accessories, are a much better investment that can rekindle the love you have for the pieces that are already in your wardrobe. Chances are, if you didn't sell a particular dress, you love it enough and hope to wear it again. Additionally, if you have any sort of wardrobe cohesion - be it color or style - you'll probably be able to wear your new foundation pieces with multiple things in your wardrobe.

As for me, I'm not currently in a wardrobe slump - but I'm planning on adding a princess sleeved blouse and an underskirt to my wardrobe very soon in order to make my closet more versatile. My biggest closet issue as of right now is putting together coordinates that are more suited for fancier events, adding these pieces will bring even some of my simpler pieces into the realm of something classier and more over the top - perfect for high teas or brand events!

Have you ever experienced a wardrobe slump, and if so, how did you get out of it?

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  1. These seem to be really good rules to get out of a slump! With January and all the wardrobe posts just gone I've noticed that more people than you'd think have lots of interesting main pieces and by comparison not too many basics to accompany them.


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