Monday, January 19, 2015

Pastries and Antiques Meet!

A lovely teacup set I regretfully did not purchase...
This past weekend a few of my good local lolita friends and I went to a lovely french pastry shop and then browsed some nearby antique shops!

We started the afternoon out at one of the best pastry shops in town, they have such an amazing selection, it's pretty much impossible to choose just one thing! I typically end up just getting the same thing every time - but here are a couple of shots showing some of their choices:


It's an awful lot to choose from! The macarons they sell there are the best I've had anywhere! You also can't see it well since I focused the photo on macarons, but they also have a nice selection of chocolates in the case with the macarons, and in addition to all of the sweet delights, they also sell amazing breads and croissants, and can really make a great sandwich! I finally settled on a chocolate mousse and two macarons - chocolate with raspberry filling and pure raspberry. They were perfect!

After our little snack, we had a 30 minute drive to a quiet, nearby town that has a lovely downtown area with a lot of different shops, many of them selling antiques. These were the shops we were most interested in, and I in particular was really hoping to find a nice tea pot. Unfortunately, the character of the town is such that a lot of the shops sold things that would be at home in a hunting lodge, with lots of the shops having a number of taxidermy animals. Luckily, none of us have issues with that sort of thing, so it was nice to be able to enjoy it in a way one would look at things in a museum.

One of the shops we happened upon that catered specifically to the hunting demographic had the most fantastic garden behind the shop, with a beautiful fountain perfect for snapping a few outfit shots near! Boy were we happy we didn't skip out on checking out this shop even though none of us are into hunting since nothing could have been a more perfect setting.

I wore my Cameo Window out for the first time - I fortunately had just gotten it in a few days before and I figured it was perfect for the meet, since the pastry shop we went to was French. It also has a more classic feel than most of the pieces in my wardrobe, so I felt it went well with the theme of antiquing as well. Since it was a little chilly that day, I took advantage of the weather and wore my boots before it gets too warm to enjoy them. I also decided to add the beret for a little more of a French flair to the outfit, as opposed to using the coordinating head bow. Surprisingly, we got a lot of positive comments on our outfits, even though we were in a quiet Southern town!

My finds from the day!
Overall it was an absolutely perfect day, and while I didn't happen to find an amazing tea pot to bring home with me, I did find a couple of brooches that will fit well with my wardrobe. I might decide to change the gems out on the crown brooch, but seeing as I only paid a single dollar for it, even if I don't, it's a worthy addition to my wardrobe. Fortunately, we didn't make it to all the antique shops in the town before our feet gave out, so we'll have to plan another trip there again soon!

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  1. Beautiful post and beautiful photos. That teacup set sure was lovely and woah, what a breath-taking garden they had there! Like you found a hidden treasure. I love pastries (specially french ones) but I'm usually the one who makes them. I love cooking, specially deserts. :)


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