Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Lolita 52 - How long it took me to build a complete wardrobe

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I have to say, this is something I've been thinking about an awful lot lately, especially as I'm putting together my EGL wardrobe post. I suppose it's different for everyone, based on specific needs and what your goal is. Naturally, someone who wears lolita only for cons and meets is going to need a lot less to pull together a functioning and complete wardrobe than someone whose goal is to wear it daily.

(I was going to head the post with a picture of my closet, then thought it best to save it for later!)

As for me, I'm somewhere in between. I wear lolita primarily to meets and conventions, but I also try my best to wear it for more casual weekend outings, when I am feeling up to it. Unfortunately, I can't wear it to work as I've mentioned before, but the good news is this keeps things fresh, as well as allowing me to fall somewhere in between the needs of a daily lolita and a meet/convention exclusive lolita.

For me, my definition of a complete wardrobe is something that gives you enough coordinates in your chosen style(s) to meet your needs as well as being season sensitive. It's great to be able to wear an appropriately themed outfit to say a spring picnic, or a holiday tea. I tend to wear a lot less lolita in the summer than the other months out of the year, so while I have summer appropriate pieces and coordinates, the fall and other cooler weather coordinates far outweigh the summer ones.

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In order to reach this point, it has taken me approximately two years. I'm sure there are others than can build their wardrobe quicker, but I have had much more moderate spending tendencies than girls who keep up with all the newest Angelic Pretty releases. Aside from one final piece (pictured above) that I hope to add in the next month, my wardrobe has pretty much reached the point where I feel comfortable calling it complete. I'm very satisfied with the ability of coordinates I can put together with each dress, as well as being happy with each individual piece in both style and quality. Of course there are some wish list pieces that I hope to add in the next year, but the need/draw to purchase has decreased significantly as I've come to the conclusion that my wardrobe is complete!


  1. That's awesome that your wardrobe is pretty much complete. I feel like mine's almost there as well, just need a few more outerwear options. It's a great feeling :)

    1. Yeah, it's an awesome feeling. It makes me feel like I don't have a shopping addiction after all, haha!

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    1. Woah, congratulations on a complete wardrobe. We don't have seasons in my country (Colombia). It's either cold or hot and there is no point in between. I live in the hot area.

      (Sorry, I erased my first comment because it was badly written) Actually two years is pretty impressive. To the pace things are moving for me it feels like it is going to take me at the very least 4 years to have a wardrobe that I consider complete. Well, my goal is to have at least 8 great coordinates and 7 "good" ones for a total of 15, including one piece from each of my favourite brands aaand my first DD, THE dress that got me into Lolita: the Sweet Devil JSK in Ivory colourway from Alice and The Pirates. But before I can get this "dream complete wardrobe" of mine I need to 1) get a frikin' job and 2) find more occasions to wear Lolita. Right now I only have three coords so it's hard to "keep it fresh". Sometimes I spend months without wearing Lolita just because it feels like I always look the same.

      PD: Loving your blog.


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