Saturday, January 10, 2015

Lolita 52 - My wardrobe turnover

It's wardrobe theme month over at EGL, and the posts are coming in. As I've mentioned before, I am very excited about my forthcoming wardrobe post, but I've decided to wait until the last few things I have in the mail arrive! I'm going to go ahead and borrow that theme and gear this month's lolita 52 posts towards that topic.

So.... my wardrobe turnover. I have to say, I've had a bit this year. Mostly when it comes to small things. Dresses tend to stay once they've arrived because I only buy those that I absolutely love, and I also happen to be really picky since I shop only from a specific color palette (which I need to change). Luckily, this has saved me from a lot of buyer's remorse. This is when it comes to dresses. This year I've seen a pretty constant flow of small (not in size) pieces things coming in, and small pieces going out. And they usually leave for one of the three reasons below.

Item Fit

Magic Tea Party Chiffon Bolero I sold this summer.
Sometimes items just do not fit. They can be small in the shoulders, small in the bust, or the shoulder straps are too short - a problem I tend to have a lot. I've even had some things end up too big (i'm looking at you, Bodyline). While some things can be worked around, sometimes it's better to cut your losses and sell it. The bolero pictured above I purchased from Taobao, and had a bust that was listed as being "free size". While this is technically true, the item was just cut for someone more petite than I. In this case it was much better to accept reality and move on.

Item Quality

Bodyline L526 - cute but not the highest quality.
Sometimes things just do not live up to your expectations. While I was aware of the questionable quality of this piece, I decided to risk it anyway in my hunt for another solid JSK. The fit was quite good, and the raschel lace wasn't too bad and honestly looked pretty in this particular colorway. The problem was when it stood up to the other pieces I had in my closet at the time - it just looked subpar. So I sold it. Now I'm much pickier about the things that enter my wardrobe, quality over quantity!

Changing Tastes

This has happened a lot this year. I purchased a bunch of things over the summer, and then ended up ultimately selling them, some without ever wearing them. If by chance you're curious about what's departed my wardrobe this past year, you can check the auction feedback on my LaceMarket here, it includes links to the finished auctions. 

Since I work seasonally and was off during the summer, I spent a lot of time on different auction sites and fell victim to buying out of boredom. I was very much in love with really cute things, and bought several sweet Bodyline blouses, as well as the above bag. While there was nothing wrong with the items themselves, the more time I spent looking at them, I realized that they were not quite what I was looking for. Not a representation of my tastes.

Now I've arrived at this point in my wardrobe where I'm asking myself "Is that piece representative of my style or not?" Now that I have enough experience in the fashion, I'm confident in what my style is, and sure of what to add, and what to get rid of. As hard and sad as it can be sometimes, getting rid of the old to make way for the new is necessary! I can't see myself selling anything anytime soon, so I expect 2015 to progress without much turnover.

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