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2014 - The year of lolita!

Image from AP Tokyo Shop Blog
To all my dear readers, I wish you the happiest of New Year's! May the year of 2015 bring you everything you hope for, and most importantly - lots of frills! Inspired by a friend's series of posts, I decided I'd take a look back at the past year - all the outfits and events I attended. 2014 was a great year, full of new additions to my wardrobe, lots of new friends, and amazing events.

Warning: This post is both picture and text heavy!


From University of Florida's SwampCon
January started with a trip to Destin, FL to SukoshiCon with the Florida Panhandle Lolita Society shortly after New Year's - right before I started my new job! I participated in their lolita fashion show, and wore my Melty Royal Chocolate Low Waist JSK. It was my first time wearing the dress out since I got it, and I was in love. The little convention itself was not that exciting, although I did manage to by the Sailor Moon Figurarts that had recently come out in the small dealer's room they had. More importantly though, I was able to spend time with some friends I had made that past October when I attended their Halloween meet.

Shortly after I attended UF's Swampcon and met up with some of the Gainesville lolita's. I ended up wearing the same outfit again, since I knew once the warmer months hit I wouldn't be able to anymore thanks to the dress's heavy fabric. I had a great time, and even though the con didn't have a dealer's room thanks to UF's contract with certain vendors, I had a great time.


Gift's I made for my comm's Secret Santa!
February was a bit of a dry month as far as meets went, but I did attend a small meet with my comm where we finally had the opportunity to exchange out Secret Santa gifts! I made a mint rose and pearl necklace and bracelet set for my giftee, as well as a rose multi way clip. By luck of the draw, my giftee turned out to be responsible for giving me my gift! In return I received a lovely rose and pearl necklace, bracelet, and earring set, as well as a cute deer antler ring. I wore my handmade chocolate truffle skirt in a coordinate that's pictured in this post and felt very festive indeed.


Megacon 2014 lolita meet up
March was Megacon! This was not my first time attending this convention, but my first time wearing anything other than jeans and a t-shirt! I had a great time and wore lolita all 3 days, I met lots of lovely lolitas from the Central Florida Lolita Society, as well as other girls from the south eastern region - girls that I continue to run in to at other conventions and events. I wore many different coordinates, but for the day of the lolita meet I wore a strawberry and cream coordinate, the first time I wore these items coordinated that way.

Later in the month was my comm's annual spring picnic meet up. I wore my cream Bodyline dress yet again in a sort of spring country coordinate. The weather was beautiful, the company was great, and we played croquet! I fared much better this year than I did last year in the game, maybe next year I'll actually win!


My favorite coordinate from FreeCon!
April actually brought several small local cons and meet ups - I attended Tallahassee's Alt*Con and FreeCon. Alt*Con left a lot to be desired, but at FreeCon I actually hosted a couple of panels, a Lolita 101 panel, and one on Taobao (that didn't go so well). I had a great time, and found a ton of older Gothic and Lolita Bibles to start my collection. This was my second year attending FreeCon, and I had a great time. The final event of the month was a small meet up with some of the local girls where we went to this adorable cupcake shop. It was unseasonably chilly, so I took the opportunity to wear my FreeCon coord once again since it was so cozy.


Gainesville Garden Party!
You'll notice that May is missing - this is because not a single thing occurred in May. The month of May is the beginning of summer for college students, and since much of my most local community are students, this makes planning meets difficult, as well as the rest of the summer. However, in June I did take the opportunity to visit other communities in my region, I attended 2 different meets in 2 different comms - one a tea meet with the Panhandle Lolita's again, and one with the Gainesville lolitas where we had a garden party where we played croquet. The grass was thick so I didn't fare too well, but it was still fun despite the heat.


In July I made it to Ancient City Con over in Jacksonville and had a great time meeting up with the community there! I attended a beautiful tea parlor with a lovely harpist, but better than that were the people I met. I wore a more classic inspired outfit with a dress that Metamorphose accidentally sent me. I had ordered a cardigan from the month before, and I suppose my information got mixed up with another girl. As fate would have it the dress fit both me and my wardrobe seamlessly, so I contacted them about their error and ended up buying it - fortunately it was on sale! It's such a versatile piece, I've already made so many coordinates with it already!


August is such a difficult time to wear lolita, but in addition to wearing it at Disney World on my birthday, I did have one small meet at the end of the month once all the college girls made it back to town. As I mentioned earlier, my Meta dress is very versatile. I took the opportunity to wear it once again - this time coordinated with sweet pink accessories. We had bubble tea and there were a total of three new girls who attended - quite a lot for my most local comm! It was fun, and a great way to start meet up season again!


The month began with a small local meet up at a history museum, and then I went really big! I attended Anime Weekend Atlanta, where I spent three glorious days in a row in lolita and attended the Baby the Stars Shine Bright fashion show, panel, and tea party! I had an absolutely amazing time meeting one of the designer's of Baby, as well as seeing some of my more distant lolita friends again.


In October my most local comm had their annual Halloween pumpkin painting meet. I procrastinated and ended up wearing basically the same outfit as the year before - I wore my handmade deer antlers and my Marble Sugar Drop JSK, yet I coordinated it with the new gold accessories I had purchased over the past months. We also made it to have fondue together one evening, and I wore a pretty casual outfit that was similar to what I have pictured for FreeCon in April.


Like May, November was just too busy to end up making it to a meet, especially with Thanksgiving around. However, in December I managed to make it to two different meets, which is quite a lot for this busy month! The first meet I attended was with the Jacksonville Lolita Society on International Lolita Day. The second one was a lovely and small meet at a nearby bed and breakfast with my most local comm, where we enjoyed tea together. It was on the Winter Solstice, so I made use of my Meta dress once again, this time in a festive, wintery coordinate. I also had two smaller gathering with friends where we grabbed lunch - one with a few of my Jacksonville lolita friends before the ILD meet, and another one after the Christmas meet with another friend from my most local comm.

Overall, it's been an amazing year in this hobby! I've met so many new people and made so many amazing new friends that I hope I can strengthen in the coming year. Lolita has really made it's way into my life, and I just can't imagine what I'd do with out it!


  1. Such a beautiful year. One day when I'm experienced enough I would love to make something like this for my blog. Quite a busy year you had with all the meetings and conventions. There is a pretty big convention in my city, maybe I will try assisting this year wearing Lolita. Who knows if I will find other Lolitas there.

    1. Conventions are great places to find other lolitas! I've had some really great experiences finding lolitas at other conventions. Make sure you search for a local community in the city that your con is at - chances are they'll probably host a meet up if the con does not have an "official" one.

  2. It looks like you've had a really lovely lolita year! It must have been fun for you to write this post and look back on all the good memories, and the evolution of your style over the year! I hope I can do something like this one day, too, but right now I don't attend enough events or take enough photos :(

    1. I have a hard time getting photos for a lot of events, because I don't feel that I'm particularly photogenic. What I have found that I really enjoy doing is taking photos of my coordinates laid out on my bed, maybe you could do that and post "what I wore"? I think even going out to local places on your own is worthy of a post!


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