Friday, December 26, 2014

Lolita 52 - Something that was a gift

Image from Flickr
I hope you all have had a wonderful holiday season so far, full of lots of lolita presents! As for me, I've yet to receive anything lolita related this year, but I definitely have in the past!
To be honest, I can't expect much lolita related anything from anyone but my significant other and friends, since I don't really talk about the fashion with my parents and other family members that might gift me anything. Since there are so many ways to make mistakes when buying lolita online if you don't know where to go, maybe this is better anyway.

However, last year I got pretty lucky and got some fantastic things from both one of my good friends as well as my husband. And they arrived on the same day, shortly before Christmas! Probably one of my best mail days ever.

brown parasol from a friend
The first gift I received was from my friend - she surprised me by sending me a a brown parasol. When I got it I didn't have a parasol at all, which I've found is really vital for more southern climates. While they can't help with the humidity, just having the sun off of you can bring your body temperature down quite a bit. And I have used this parasol a lot, it goes so well with my wardrobe - I've even used it outside of lolita! It was such a thoughtful gift, and I always think of her when using it.

Melty Royal Chocolate tote bag in bitter
The final gift I received that day was from my wonderful husband. I'll admit though, I did drop a few hints, but I was very surprised when I got it in the mail! This bag is absolutely beautiful, very sturdy, and really classy. I keep meaning to use it in non-lolita outfits, as I think it's very understated in the best way possible, and a great way to incorporate my lolita wardrobe into "normal" outfits.

This holiday I've yet to receive anything lolita related, but I am waiting on a few things I've purchased for myself with my gift money. While I like this, nothing beats a thoughtful gift purchased from someone else. What was the best lolita gift you've ever received?


  1. Well, half of my Lolita stuff I bought with my eventual jobs and the other half I bought it with gift money from my parents, so technically half of my wardrobe was a present. I'm still very new to Lolita so my family is just adjusting to the change. But my sister told me that she's getting me a present in January and I am crossing my fingers hoping she gives me something Lolita.


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