Thursday, December 4, 2014

Lolita 52 - 10 facts about my lolita wardrobe

EGL's wardrobe theme is less than a month away and I am really looking forward to participating again, especially since last year's post was not very impressive. While my wardrobe is nothing that's going to earn me internet fame, creating this list made me realize just how fantastic it is! So for now, I'll satisfy my excitement with 10 facts about my lolita wardrobe...

1. It's grown significantly in the past year.

Thanks to a new job that began this past January I've been able to add a number of beautiful dresses to my wardrobe. Additionally, I've also added some nice blouses, bags, shoes, and accessories.

2. The past year has seen a shift in both quality and aesthetic.

Not only did I add items to my wardrobe, the items I now own have improved. Previously, many of my shoes, blouses, and half of my bags were not designed for the fashion, now the opposite is true. While I may not own a purely brand wardrobe, which I'm not sure I'd want anyway, I can confidently say pretty much everything fits the aesthetic.

3. 75% of my shoes have bows on the toe.

What can I say? It's cute. The only shoes that do not have bows on them are the ones that were not designed for lolita.

4. Everything I own can be coordinated with either brown or gold.

I definitely have a color preference, and it would be on the warm side of the spectrum. It makes coordinating far easier.

5. There is a definite brand bias.

While I'm finding myself lately being more attracted to Baby's aesthetic, most of my brand pieces are Angelic Pretty. I'm not sure if this will change in the coming year, as Angelic Pretty definitely holds my heart when it comes to chocolate prints.

6. Most of my jewelry is off brand or handmade.

While I love brand accessories, I find it hard to shell out the cash required to buy them when I know I can make or buy similar things at a fraction of the cost. While brand can add a nice touch, they certainly don't make or break your coordinate.

7. It lives in it's own closet.

I'm blessed enough to have a separate room in my apartment which is devoted purely to my husband and I's hobbies that has a great closet. Since it has it's own special place, I also find myself spending time and money making sure it is well organized and aesthetically pleasing. Wooden clothing hangars are on my Christmas list!

8.  My only two skirts are handmade.

Since I have such a hard time finding nice blouses, I haven't added any skirts to my wardrobe this year. I need to change this since I think they're much more practical for toned down outfits like the ones I dream about wearing on the weekends. I did have a single Bodyline skirt, but I have sold it since January's wardrobe post.

9. There's been some wardrobe turn over as of late.

Over the summer I bought several things that I never actually wore, or wore once, and then sold. Most of these were secondhand and I fortunately didn't lose any money in the transactions. While I like to hold on to my things, this cycle of buying and selling has been great for helping me realize what I truly want my wardrobe to look like.

10. I finally have a fancier dress suitable for special occasions.

This year I attended a brand tea party, and realized I didn't have anything special for the event! Fortunately I was able to find a dress on Baby's outlet page that was perfect for both the tea party and my wardrobe, and was also being sold at quite a nice reduction - I think I got it for 60% off it's original price!

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