Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Lolita 52 - My favorite lolita brand

Well, this post is honestly pretty hard to write. Every brand has their own unique style to appreciate, so it's pretty difficult to say without a doubt "X brand is my favorite". However, since I feel like I need to choose just one, I'll have to go with Angelic Pretty.
Why Angelic Pretty? I feel like I'm jumping on the bandwagon in a way, because I feel like so many Western lolitas are Angelic Pretty fan girls, but I have a number of reasons.

They Lead the Market in Chocolate Prints

While many other brands have released chocolate prints, nothing beats Angelic Pretty's hold on this print theme. Melty Chocolate, Chess Chocolate, Chocolate Rosette, Musee du Chocolat, Royal Creamy Chocolate, Chocolate Quartet, Royal Chocolate, Melty Royal Chocolate, Melty Ribbon Chocolate - there is a dizzying array of chocolate dresses to choose from, surely there's a chocolate print out there to suit anyone's taste.

Lots of Casual Appropriate Pieces

A dress I'm currently waiting on!
Like any brand, Angelic Pretty has no problem breaking out the OTT prints and themes, but there are also many beautiful pieces with a simpler aesthetic that's suitable for more casual, toned down, almost otome style outfits. As much as I love brands like Baby the Stars Shine Bright, they simply don't release as many pieces that I feel are as suited to casual as much as Angelic Pretty. While some of their older pieces that they continue to release year after year (looking at you, Karami JSK) can work, they still have that distinctly fairy tale look that isn't going to be nearly as casual as releases such as AP's Geometric JSK.

Adjustable Straps

There's no underestimating the value of adjustable straps. While Baby has had some, almost all of my Angelic Pretty dresses have them. While I'm not tall, I do have a larger bust, and being able to move the straps down effectively lengthens the bodice and usually gives enough room in the bodice to prevent the dreaded boob loaf. Often, this fit problem is not caused by whether or not the dresss has enough shirring for your chest circumference, but because the extra vertical length added by a larger cup size usually fills the bodice, leaving no room for the dress to sit properly on your waist. Since I'm always considering the fit of dresses, I find myself returning to Angelic Pretty and their adjustable straps time and time again, confirming their place as my favorite brand.

What say you, readers? What's your favorite brand - and why?


  1. I adore AP's chocolate stuff as well! They've just got a cute vibe that no other brand matches.


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