Sunday, December 7, 2014

International Lolita Day

Fruits Parlor OP and Twinkle Girl
I hope you all had a fantastic International Lolita Day! Mine was amazing, filled with lots of friends and fun.
Unfortunately my most local group had nothing planned, so my best lolita friend and I traveled a bit, and it couldn't have been more worth it.

We began the day meeting with a couple friends for lunch at a sushi restaurant. We were very lucky, because they still had lunch specials available even though it was a Saturday and we hadn't arrived there until after 3 pm. The food was delicious, and the conversation was even better! 

After we ate, we walked around the the adjacent shopping complex and went into this enormous Joann's. This place was huge! The one in my hometown is very small and doesn't have nearly the selection of the one we went to. I picked up a couple of cute things that were on sale - some adorable buttons and some crystal pendants to make some necklaces inspired by Sailor Moon (have I mentioned how much I love the series?).

It was tough saying goodbye to them, but we had a meet to attend. It was potluck style, and there was lots of amazing foods. I personally made a cheese ball with cranberries and pecans. It was my first time making one, and I'll definitely be doing it again, it was heavenly.

The host's home was beautiful, and the decorations were impeccable. It couldn't have been a more perfect place to host a meet! Everyone's coordinates were beautiful as well, you could certainly tell a lot of thought and care went into putting together outfits for the occasion.

what I ended up with from the gift exchange
After everyone ate there was a gift exchange. It was run White Elephant style where you chose from an unlabeled pile, or were able to steal someone else's gift. I have always have awful luck with these sort of exchanges, I was smack dab in the middle. If you go last you definitely have much better choices. There was a pair of brand socks that I was tempted to take, but I didn't bother because I knew I wasn't going to be able to keep them. In the end I went home with a cute pink bag, compact, and brush. I also ended up buying an adorable rosette that the host was selling, I couldn't resist - it matches my wardrobe perfectly!

Overall it was the perfect way to spend International Lolita Day, surrounded by good company, conversation, and food!


  1. This looked soooo lovely *___* I'm glad you guys were able to go, you looks so cute. awww~

    1. It was beautiful. You're always welcome to come along next time!

  2. That looks like Jessica's place!
    She always throws THE best events.
    You looked absolutely adorable and you ended up with some super cute items~ Wish I could have gone~

    1. It was her place, and she did throw an amazing event!

  3. That sounds like an excellent party! You can tell the host put a lot of time and effort into it. Looks like you ended up with very nice gifts but more importantly, you had an awesome time with friends. Oh, how I envy you. XD There's no comm where I live and on top of that the elastic of my petti snaped right when I was puttin it on for my Loliday coord. So frustrating. Aaaand, I'm starting to feel like the petti isn't puffy enouhg so I'm gonna have to get a new one soon. However, last Loliday I celebrated with my sister (she's more into gyaru but she accepted to spend the day with me): we dessed up, took pictures and ate chocolate chip cookies. It was really fun. For my next Loliday I wan't to go to a restaurant and eat sweet creppes. If I could go with my sister, wearing my first brand evah (I still don't own any brand) it would be a dream come true. *w*

    1. I'm sorry to hear that! Have you ever thought of making your own comm?

      Also - I hope your next ILD goes just as you dream!


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