Sunday, November 16, 2014

Lolita 52 - Combining lolita with other fashions

To be honest, this post was really difficult for me to write as I outside of lolita my wardrobe is pretty boring. I've wasn't very interested in fashion prior to getting into this one, and my outfits were very basic, jeans and a t-shirt were my go to clothing on the weekends - and still are when I'm not in lolita. However, there is one fashion trend that I've been fond of, which is beginning to get attention outside of Tumblr - Disneybounding.

Now, cosplay and fandom coords usually get the side eye with the majority of adherents to this fashion, but I'm of the opinion there's nothing wrong with them as long as you remember to stick to the rules and guidelines of lolita.

A successful fandom coord is one that is not apparent at first glance, until you notice the details, or you recognize the color palette. Of course, you can take it above and beyond the suggestions I give below by adding a wig, but naturally that pushes it more into cosplay territory, or something suitable for Halloween. Remember - it's coordinate before anything else.

Classic-Sweet Briar Rose

Briar Rose is just the perfect subject for a classic-sweet outfit as her princess form is no where near as exciting as her forest form. In this particular coord many of these things can be substituted for suitable off brand, including the jumper skirt. The shoes, bag, bow, and jumperskirt are by Innocent World, bolero by Excentrique, socks by Baby the Stars Shine Bright, and the spinning wheel and castle necklace I found on Etsy (I lost the link). The blouse is off brand.

Headbow: Innocent World

Hime Princess Serenity

It may not be very exciting, but what could be more perfect for Princess Serenity than Hime? And no one does hime quite like Baby the Stars Shine Bright! The Bless from Michael JSK has adorable gold bead scallops that echo those on Serenity's gown, and the star locket necklace seals the look.

Bag: Shiny Heart Bag by Milk

Casual Pokemon Trainer Dawn 

This one is a little more casual as well as bordering dangerously close to cosplay, but matches the cute and sporty look of Dawn. All items are by Angelic Pretty, except for the necklace which is from Etsy.

I'd love to know my lovely readers think of these coords. Are they too close to cosplay? Do they blend fandom and lolita well? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Cute outfits! I especially like the Serenity one.

    1. Thank you! That one's also my favorite outfit, but sadly my least favorite collage.


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