Sunday, November 23, 2014

Lolita 52 - What my own lolita lifestyle is like

A picture speaks a thousand words...
I'd love to take this moment to wax poetically about my fabulous, frilly lolita lifestyle - how I wear the fashion on a daily basis, including at work. Unfortunately, this is not the case. I'm employed somewhere that require uniforms, and even if it didn't my line of work is a bit on the messy side, so dressing in such opulent clothing is not exactly prudent. Additionally, I also live in the south eastern United States, which has a climate that is rather hostile to wearing the layers required with lolita for much of the year. However, despite these obstacles, I strive to have as much of a lolita lifestyle as possible.
One of the primary ways I stay active within the fashion on a daily basis is online, through various social media, as well as different internet communities. I began my Tumblr blog, as well as this one, as another means to participate in the fashion even when I am not wearing it. The internet is a large part of my lolita lifestyle, and helps me feel connected to the fashion I love even when I'm unable to wear it.

I also purposely make opportunities to wear the fashion whenever I can - weather permitting. I'm an active member in my local community and have planned a few meets, with more in development. I attend conventions whenever I can, and have even hosted a few panels on the fashion. There are so many different ways to be active in the fashion on a daily basis even if you are wearing sweat pants.

A recent product of my crafting
Technology aside, I'm also pretty into crafting things for my wardrobe, and chances are if I'm not in front of my computer some kind of accessory is in development. My lolita lifestyle may not be the fairy tale ideal, but it is mine, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

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