Thursday, November 6, 2014

Lolita 52 - Favorite thing to put on my head!


Without a doubt, my favorite thing to put on my head are hats. In particular - berets. The only unfortunate thing about loving them is that I live in the heat and humidity 85% of the year, so they are impractical much of the time. But I love them nonetheless. They lend such a cute and classy look to any coordinate and can work in both classic and sweet. While I've been wearing a lot of bows lately as a result of picking up dress sets secondhand, nothing beats a beret. While brand berets can be pricey, which is the reason I do not own the above beauty, these are one of those things that can be found easily and cheaply. They come in a such a rainbow of colors anyone can easily find one to match their favorite dress.

Berets also are a wonderful blank canvas in which to add any of your favorite hair accessories. They can be quite plain on their own, but with the addition of either bows, or some clip in roses, they can either be completely sweet or completely classic, it all depends on the extra accessories. Much like a great solid colored dress, a beret is a great addition to any wardrobe.

I'm so glad it's cooling off where I am, I've missed them!

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