Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Review - Bodyline Shoes300

Back in early October I ordered 3 pairs of Bodyline's newest shoes during their sale, and they finally arrived last week! I would have written this review earlier, but the weather has been so rainy and dark since then that I haven't been able to take decent photos. I picked up 3 pairs of Shoes300 in colors that suit my wardrobe, and I couldn't be happier!

I picked up pink, dark red, and brown - and as you can see the shoes are absolutely beautiful! Very reminiscent of my favorite brand shoes, they are a style that's well suited for both sweet and classic styles. They have a slight heel that adds just the right amount of class, and the fit is spot on. I always order a size 23.5 from Bodyline, and they fit exactly as expected, but a bit more snug than shoes251. The fit is much like the pair of boots I own from them. It's certainly not a issue for me, but you may want to consider ordering a size up if you intend to wear them mostly with socks. As I've been wearing tights more than anything else this isn't a problem.

Another thing worth mentioning is the color of the red ones. While the pink and brown ones are the same color as the other pink and brown shoes I own from them, the red ones are listed as being dark red and truly are. It may not be clear from the stock photo on the site, but they are more of a wine color than a brighter red. Below is a photo comparing.

A beautiful color for sure, but if you have a lot of red in your wardrobe you might want to reconsider. Since I've been leaving really sweet, I'm actually considering selling off my red shoes (along with a bolero and bag) to make room for wine red.

Construction wise they are very sturdy, and I couldn't be happier. They didn't ship in a box, since I used their free air shipping (never again!) but they arrived in more or less perfect condition. There are a few nicks from shipping on the heels, but nothing that would't happen from normal wear and I attribute to the free shipping. The bows are very sturdily constructed and much better than shoes251's bows - which I find are rather flimsy and attached poorly. My first pair of shoes from Bodyline arrived with a crushed bow that I've had to cope with ever since, and they were shipped in a box! You can see a bit of flaws in the bow on the shoe I've pictured above, and that's the good one!

Overall, shoes300 have been a great buy, and I highly recommend them for sweet-classic and fans of Baby the Stars Shine Bright. They are absolutely beautiful and a great bargain. Just don't ship them via AIR.


  1. Thank you for the review. I've been eyeing this shoes for a while and now I'm pretty sure I'll ratter buy this one's than the 251. Beautiful blog BTW. I'm following you. :3

    1. I'm glad make my review helped you make a decision. Thank you for the compliment too!

  2. They seem so much narrower than the flats. How are they fit wise?


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